London FOCUS 2015

Design Centre Chelsea Harbour FOCUS 2015

Michel Buffet

The Michel Buffet designed by Sally Sirkin Lewis was influenced by the stylish clean work of Jean Michel Frank.  In Ms. Lewis’ design the modern cabinet is wrapped in a 100% cowhide we call “Pointilist” to capture the embossed surface texture.  The cerused legs and reveals are in our new Silvered Bronze finish color.  The 4 door cabinet conceals the lacquered interior in the same silvered bronze tone and optional shelving.

The Michel Buffet is a piece that is as practical as it is chic, and can be customized and proportioned to suit a variety of locations and uses.  As with all of our bespoke furnishings, we offer additional finishing options.

Custom Ombre Segovia Cabinet

Custom J Robert Scott Ombre Segovia Cabinet.

Custom Wedge Night Table

Custom J Robert Scott Wedge Night Table

Right Here, Right Now With Richard Chilcott

Right Here, Right Now with Richard Chilcott & Allan Knight from accessgreatdesign on Vimeo.

SuperYacht DESIGN Week 2015

This Year’s Super Yacht Design Week in London was a triumph with the most important industry leaders and top designers visiting the showroom & speaking.

Custom Cynthia Table

J. Robert Scott Custom Cynthia Table

US Design Patent D727,628

United States Design Patent D727,628
J Robert Scott Shards Mirror Designed by Sally Sirkin Lewis.

J. Robert Scott, Inc. the internationally known luxury furniture and textile manufacturer announces that the United States Patent Office has issued a design patent for the Shards Mirror.

U.S. Design Patent No. D727, 628 was issued to designer Sally Sirkin Lewis for the beveled mirror which is comprised of matte and polished stainless steel bars in various lengths, in a polished stainless steel frame. The random spacing and placement of the bars is the result of a “happy accident”. While the cardboard prototype was laid out, with the bars in an organized basket weave pattern, Ms. Lewis bumped into the frame and skewed the bars in a completely new orientation. The new look was visually interesting and complex. “This is one of those instances in which the unexpected has turned out to be a truly new take on a design!” Ms. Lewis stated.

The Shards Mirror can be configured in a variety of frame shapes, and is available in optional finishes.

Custom Ombre Emile Table

J. Robert Scott Custom Ombre Emile Table

Custom Sled Desk

Custom J. Robert Scott Sled Desk