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US Design Patent D650,608

United States Design Patent D650,608
J Robert Scott Cabriole Cabinet Designed by Sally Sirkin Lewis.

Sally Sirkin Lewis Adds New U.S. Design Patent

Los Angeles, California – January 2012 J. Robert Scott, Inc. the internationally known, American luxury furniture and textiles manufacturer announces that the United States Patent Office has issued a Design Patent to designer Sally Sirkin Lewis for her Cabriole Cabinet. 

J. Robert Scott, under the leadership of President, Founder and Hall-of-Fame designer, Sally Sirkin Lewis introduced the Cabriole Cabinet in fall 2010 as part of the Ombré Collection, so named from the French word meaning shadow or shade.  The dramatic 72” (183cm) tall cabinet is shown in excelsior veneer, with Ombré Storm™ finish.  The proprietary finishing technique exhibits subtle gradients in intensity and shade from light to dark, producing a distinctive, individual effect on each wood veneer.  J. Robert Scott’s innovative concept is a design milestone in decorative furniture finishing, and each piece in the Ombré Collection is signed and dated by the designer.  A Utility Patent has been filed with the United States Patent and Trademark Office.

For the past four decades Ms. Lewis, through her company has distinguished herself as a pioneer in the design field and a leading source of originality in American furniture manufacturing.  “We are very proud of the furniture we make, in both quality and style, our products are proof that good design is timeless,” says Ms. Lewis.  “At a time when people are suddenly sensitive to the origin of the products in their homes, I think it is important to note that J. Robert Scott furniture has always been Made in America,” she adds.

J. Robert Scott Renews Lease of California Oak Street Facility

The internationally known luxury furniture and textiles manufacturer J. Robert Scott, Inc. announces the extension of the lease on its manufacturing facility in Inglewood, California, for more than six years.

The company occupies more than 76,000 square feet of industrial space in the Airport Business Park located at 500 North Oak Street where all facets of furniture production take place. The facility serves as corporate headquarters for research and design as well.

“The proximity of the design team to production and manufacturing gives us the opportunity to follow products day to day, from prototype through to finished piece, and to observe the birth of new designs as they materialize in the hands of our talented artisans,” says Chief Operating Officer Richard I. Chilcott. “As a small organization, this instant access is very supportive of open communication between all divisions.”

Founded in 1972 in Los Angeles by “Hall of Fame” designer Sally Sirkin Lewis, J. Robert Scott was born out of Lewis’ desire to “Provide her clients with contemporary, well-made furnishings” that met her uncompromising standards of quality and beauty. Her understated signature style has becomes known as “California Design,” according to the company’s web site.

In this location, the company currently employs 125 seasoned craftspeople in various disciplines, including designers, customer service, and office staff. Many of J. Robert Scott’s employees have been with the company for decades.