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J Robert Scott 40th Anniversary Los Angeles Party Pictures.

What Do You Remember About 1972?

Sally Sirkin Lewis established J. Robert Scott and Opened her first showroom in Los Angeles.

June Lockhart-Triolo (Marketing Manager of J. Robert Scott) & Richard Chilcott (COO of J. Robert Scott)

Richard Landry & Brian Pinkett

Jamie Rummersfield, Caren Kurlander, Pamela Jaccarino & Rod Woodson

Sally Sirkin Lewis & Donna Livingston

Dan Ollis, Lynette Mason, Hal Swanson & Richard Chilcott

Pamela Jaccarino & Sally Sirkin Lewis

James Lumsden & Philip Nimmo

Party Guests

Nancy Preller, Richard Chilcott, Susan Gorowitz, Sally Sirkin Lewis & June Lockhart-Triolo